The largest casting on Earth! The most beautiful Czech girls - willing to do just about anything for a chance to become a famous model! You'll see a fresh girl every day with no idea what to expect at the casting. They'll even reveal some amazing facts about their personal lives! Each girl gets a shocking offer in front of the camera: Have sex with our cameraman in order to get more and better paid jobs.

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CZasting #62

This beautiful twenty years old student is from Pilsen....

#62 Martina 6

CZasting model: Martina 6

Since she has no boyfriend at the moment and hopes to meet an older guy in near future, she decided to join my casting session and show us what she’s made of and I can tell you it’s something wonderful!


CZasting #60

20 years old beauty like her is always fun to have around.

#60 Lucie 13

CZasting model: Lucie 13

This Czech girl works for over a year in modeling business and once you see her figure you’ll see why She prefers older guys, but any charismatic guy has a chance with her


CZasting #59

This hot MILF loves to read, dance, travel and....

#59 Dagmar

CZasting model: Dagmar

Since she has no boyfriend she decided to try my casting session and see what happens We ended up having a lot of fun with this horny lady and I hope you will enjoy watching her too!


CZasting #58

I had a lot of girls at my CZasting, but rarely do I see....

#58 Olga 3

CZasting model: Olga 3

If there was a goddess, she would have her body – incredible firm breasts and firm butt that makes guys weak in their knees You definitely do not want to miss her so check her out!


CZasting #54

It’s been a while since I had a tall, mountain....

#54 Karolina 3

CZasting model: Karolina 3

Now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever had one! Lucky me she decided to try out her very first casting at my lair Since she likes sport, you can be sure her body has just the right sizes and when she feels like it she’ll ride you all night long!


CZasting #53

When cute girl like her joins my casting session,....

#53 Ludmila - part 1

CZasting model: Ludmila - part 1

After all – we’ll get to see this cutie naked soon enough I won’t tell you more, though she told me plenty at our session, because you shouldn’t waste your time here – check our members section and see her in action!


CZasting #51

A fresh new girl decided to visit my Casting and try to....

#51 Jana 8 - part 1

CZasting model: Jana 8 - part 1

And what better place to do it than here? This blond cutie likes to relax and enjoy sex like any other girls but she’s more opened to new things Watching her pose naked was fun, but let’s be honest – fucking her was way better!


CZasting #48

Tereza is a cute young thing with short hair and fit body.

#48 Lenka 6 - part 1

CZasting model: Lenka 6 - part 1

This tiny chick likes music and hanging out with her friends Since she has no boyfriend at the moment, it was very easy making her spread those awesome legs for my cock and she seemed to really enjoy it!


CZasting #47

Lucie is a cute young blonde with very cute smile and a....

#47 Lucie 11

CZasting model: Lucie 11

She studies economy and is very shy when you start asking personal questions Maybe too much, but at least you know you’re talking to a complete amateur without experiences and I love those!


CZasting #46

I love doing Czastings – it feels like an endless....

#46 Nina

CZasting model: Nina

Nina is one of those horny young things who decided to try it out and I can tell you she was a lot of fun! So don’t wait up, join us and enjoy watching this 24 years old hotie in action!


CZasting #45

Vendula is a damn sexy babe and I just couldn’t....

#45 Vendula 3

CZasting model: Vendula 3

But she seemed to feel the same way and not long after I started recording, I was already balls deep inside her Heck she even let me fuck her perfectly shaped ass until I came all over it!


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