The largest casting on Earth! The most beautiful Czech girls - willing to do just about anything for a chance to become a famous model! You'll see a fresh girl every day with no idea what to expect at the casting. They'll even reveal some amazing facts about their personal lives! Each girl gets a shocking offer in front of the camera: Have sex with our cameraman in order to get more and better paid jobs.

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CZasting #20

Linda has that sexy aura around her that makes guys weak....

#20 Linda 2

CZasting model: Linda 2

Her body is really fit and those breasts are shaped so perfectly round, you just can’t take your eyes off them I think you will like watching her at first casting


CZasting #19

Karina alias Uma is a smoking hot blonde girl with slim....

#19 Karina

CZasting model: Karina

But I stayed true to my usual routine and question her a bit before having her pose for us It was fun making this cute chick spread her awesome legs and look inside and I’m sure you’ll like it too!


CZasting #18

Petra alias Natalie is a beautiful young girl that will....

#18 Petra 12

CZasting model: Petra 12

She is a 21 years old, tiny 165cm tall brunette with a perfect weight of 50 kilograms At first she came to let us take a few pictures of her in lingerie, but eventually she let us take a closer look at her perfect pussy than any guy before ever had!


CZasting #16

Eva sounds like a very silent type.

#16 Eva 2

CZasting model: Eva 2

I think it has to do with being on her very first casting, so she was a bit shy She’s 32 years old, but look at least ten years younger and I think you will enjoy watching her posing for us


CZasting #15

Irina is a sexy twenty five years old vixen from Russia....

#15 Irina

CZasting model: Irina

She came here looking for a better job and I think she just found it Watching her pose for our casting really seemed like she was born for this


CZasting #14

Marcela seemed very lively during our chat – she....

#14 Marcela 2

CZasting model: Marcela 2

I think she was a bit nervous, but it passed as soon as I got het on stage and took first few pictures of her great body This cute 18 years old red head is something you really shouldn’t miss!


CZasting #13

Radka alias Nikola was a bit unsure at what she’s....

#13 Radka 4

CZasting model: Radka 4

This cute 23 years old petite brunette really made the best of what she has to offer and taking her pictures and looking deep inside her pussy was a lot of fun!


CZasting #12

Zuzana is such a smoking hot brunette with a smile that....

#12 Zuzana 3

CZasting model: Zuzana 3

Her body is slim and perfect And even though she didn’t let me look inside her with my camera, she showed me such a sexy poses, you should prepare for a long time of dealing with wet dreams


CZasting #11

This beautiful blonde girl with perfect body that looks....

#11 Anna

CZasting model: Anna

She is a very nice young girl who came to her very first casting Shy as she was, we’ll get to eventually see a lot more of her, than she originally expected


CZasting #10

Radka alias Zaneta is a pretty blonde from Pilsen (yeah....

#10 Radka 5

CZasting model: Radka 5

During our session, she got a call from her boyfriend, whom she wouldn’t cheat even during filming At least not with a man – she seemed opened to the idea of having fun with other girls and I would like to see her do that, because that awesome body must be seen in action!  


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